The Company PPSI has been providing payroll services for over 20 years
and PPSI has delivered reliable and competitive service to various local and multi-national clients.

Through the years despite of various and numerous management and economic crisis encountered,
the Company was able to retain and grow its business stability.

The Scope of Our Payroll Services

Reports being prepared and submitted

  • Monthly Remittance Returns
  • SSS Contributions/Loans/R-3/ML-2
  • PHIC Contributions
  • HDMF Contributions/M-1/P2-1
  • BIR form 1604 with corresponding Alphabetical Listing Accomplish BIR form 2316 summarizing individual gross earnings and withholding tax.
  • Others: Summarization of individuals contributions to SSS, PHIC and HDMF for submission to the client for ready reference.

Processing of regular semi-monthly and of non-regular payroll

  • Processing of payroll registers
  • Preparation and submission of bank lists & payroll pay-out transaction to the bank. Accompanied by a soft copy file.
  • Furnish client with the necessary accounting entries and payroll breakdown and outstanding loan schedule and advances every payroll period.
  • Maintain a year-to-date total of earnings and withholding taxes for each officer and employee.
  • Prepare anualization of income for the year to determine the amount of withholding tax due from officers and employees as basis of preparing the required alphalist and issuance of BIR form 2316.
  • Processing and printing of confidential payslips.

Creation of Master File or Records.

  • Employee Profiles
  • Daily Time Records

The Scope of Our Bookkeeping Services

  • Accounts Payable Voucher, Check Voucher and Checks on a daily or weekly basis
  • Sales and Purchase Invoices
  • Sales and Purchase Returns
  • Inventory listing and reconciliation
  • Reconciliation of all bank accounts
  • Maintainance of subsidiary accounts by reconciling entries
  • Maintainance of general ledger by transferring subsidiary account summaries
  • Balancing of books to the general ledger in preparing a trial balance; reconciling entries
  • Preparation of monthly trial balance by collecting, analyzing and summarizing account information
  • Complies and submit to the Bureau of Internal Revenue its quarterly, monthly and yearly statutory taxes such as:
    • Value Added Tax
    • Withholding tax on compensation
    • Expanded withholding tax
    • Income tax
    • Alphalist Report (1604F & 1604E)
    • Others
  • Prepares monthly summary reports of the following:
    • Accounts receivables/payable
    • Cash/Check disbursements
    • Sales/Revenue
    • Proposed adjusting entries
    • Summary of TAX, SSS, HDMF and PHIC remittances for the month
  • Maintains historical records by filing documents
  • Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed

The Scope of Our Digital Services


  • Uploading of biometrics' generated file
  • Automatically calculate the employees' late, undertime, overtime, nigh shift differentials, absences, holidays and other related computations
  • Generates Daily Time Records report


  • Always available online and can be viewed anytime, anywhere
  • Can access current and past payslips
  • Secured employee logins as they can access their own payslip even through mobile
  • Employees can change their username and/or passwords
  • Paperless payslip generation


  • Keeps employee records on cloud and other related files such as certificates, evaluations, requirements and incident reports
  • Employees can file leaves, loans, overtime and official business online
  • Supervisors can approve or reject filed leaves, loans, overtimes and official businesses
  • Tracks employee's remaining leave credits
  • Creates and keeps employee evaluation records
  • Creates memos for specific employee, department or job positions
  • Tracks active applicants and job postings
  • Generated employee list, leaves summary, overtime summary, loan balances summary and file official businesses reports